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Computerized Cutters, Inc. manufactures and sells router tables and sign-fabrication machinery, including channel letter benders, metal clinching and self-piercing rivet machines. Founded in 1994 in Dallas, TX, Computerized Cutters has long been the world-leading innovator in channel letter automation equipment since we invented the first channel letter bending machine in 1997. Computerized Cutters has been globally recognized for dependable, accurate, industrial quality machinery at affordable prices.  Computerized Cutters backs every sale with the industry’s best 3-year warranty, training and support.

Our machines are built here in the good old USA using the highest quality materials, components, and labor.  We take pride in building the best machines at the best prices.

For quality, reliability and the industry’s best service & support, Computerized Cutters is your No. 1 choice for automated channel letter fabrication machines, router tables, clinching machines and rivet machines. Let us take your sign, wood, or plastic fabrication business from labor-intensive to fully automated, overnight – maximizing your productivity, quality and profitability.

Where It All Started

The world's first channel letter bending machine was invented by Computerized Cutters in 1997, a decade before any other company created a bending machine to try and compete with the Accu-Bend.  The Accu-Bend machines have become the household name for channel letter bending machines.

The need for automatically bending channel letters was discovered after installing numerous router tables in sign shops and seeing all the labor that went into laying out, notching, bending a bottom flange in the material, and then bending the metal into letters over cumbersome hand brakes and radius pipes.  What would take an hour to make by hand could then be made in about five minutes using the first Accu-Bend machine.

As time went on the need for a trim cap bending machine and clinching machines were addressed.  In 2000, the first trim cap bending machine was introduced by Computerized Cutters.

Carl Ondracek  |  FOUNDER

Quality You Can Depend On

Every CCI machine is fabricated, fully assembled, and tested in America.

Our machines have been operating AND SERVING THE Sign Industry for over 25 years .

Our benders can reduce fabrication time by as much as 75%.

3-year warranty, training and support. The industry’s best!

For the Best Fabrication Solutions at a Price You Can Afford

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