Expert Advice

Expert Advice

10 Points to Consider When Purchasing a Channel Letter Bending Machine

Quality. How well is the bending machine built?  Is it built on a sturdy welded steel frame, or a bolt-together aluminum extrusion frame that is susceptible to vibrating loose? What are the quality of the metal and electronic parts?Manufacturer Location. Where is the machine manufactured?  If built outside of the US, other countries do not […]

10 Reasons to Buy a Channel Letter Bending Machine

Productivity – Generally a channel letter bending machine will bend in a day what your best hand bender will bend in a week. In smaller shops, the owner may be the only talent. Eliminating the time needed to bend channel letters leaves the owner or skilled tradesman open for more challenging, revenue-producing assignments. Increased sales […]

Your best $5 per hour employee!

The title caught you didn’t it?  Everyone wants a great employee for $5 an hour but there are laws against that in this country.  Read on. This is interesting. Do you have an employee that can create up to 100 channel letter returns a day? Would you like one? How about if you only had […]

Investment versus Expense

Any financial advisor will tell you the difference between an expense and an investment is:  you make money from an investment over a long period of time and an expense is recognized in the current period and reduces your profit for that period. An Accu-Bend channel letter bender, Accu-Cut router or Accu-Clinch is an investment […]

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