Accu-Bend ACE

Accu-Bend ACE

Accu-Bend ACE machine name
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Notch, Flange & Bend

complete channel letters

Produce over


channel letters per day*

Reduce fabrication time by as much as


Designed, fabricated, fully-assembled and tested

in the U.S.

*These numbers vary depending on the size and complexity of the letters being made.

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The Accu-Bend ACE is a quality-built, industrial-grade bending machine that will automatically notch, flange and bend complete channel letters just like the original Accu-Bend but specifically for .040 aluminum coil. If you have always wanted an Accu-Bend bending machine but the cost was holding you back, the Accu-Bend ACE is for you. Automate with true Accu-Bend quality within your budget.

The Accu-Bend ACE can produce over 100 channel letters in an 8-hour shift for a fraction of what it costs you today to produce by hand or outsourcing. The Accu-Bend ACE can reduce fabrication time by as much as 75 percent, providing an immediate return on your investment. Whether you fabricate letters in-house or purchase from a wholesaler, the Accu-Bend ACE bender machine should improve your profitability overnight.


AFFORDABLE. Bring legendary Accu-Bend quality and productivity to your shop for less than you would pay for a single employee.
UNMATCHED CAPABILITIES. Create letters as small as 6 inches to single-piece channel letters, shapes and logos up to 15 feet tall. The Accu-Bend ACE can do it all.
LABOR-SAVING. No more bending letters by hand. Create complete channel letters in just minutes without highly-skilled labor.
QUALITY. The Accu-Bend ACE features high-quality components, materials, and a welded steel frame similar to the original Accu-Bend in a more compact, lighter machine.
LEADING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY. Simply import .DXF files into the software and your channel letters are created.
SUPPORT. Original owners enjoy toll-free telephone support from Computerized Cutters, Inc. for the life of the machine.

RELIABLE. Computerized Cutters, Inc. has been building the best channel letter bending machines right here in the U.S.A. with machines still turning out 100 letters per day 20 years later.
EASY TO USE. The main machine ships as one completely assembled and tested machine. You are up and running channel letters within an hour.
ADAPTABLE. Change coil heights in a matter of seconds on the Accu-Bend ACE
PRODUCTIVE. The Accu-Bend ACE reduces labor-intensive hand fabrication by as much as 75 percent. You can make more letters in less time, with less labor, and realize an immediate return on your investment.
EFFICIENT. Runs on 110V AC power and shop air. Just plug into a standard outlet and go – no special wiring required.
MADE IN THE U.S.A. Accu-Bend means quality construction that we stand behind. Includes the industry’s only three-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It depends on the size of the letter and how complicated the shape is. Generally, a letter that takes 45 minutes to an hour to bend by hand can be run on the Accu-Bend machines in about 4 to 5 minutes.

The widest material that can be run on an Accu-Bend machine is 8 inches.  The largest shape that has been run on an Accu-Bend is 20 feet.

The smallest width of coil material that can be run on an Accu-Bend machine is 1 inch.  The smallest shape that has been run on an Accu-Bend is 3 inches tall.

Sign companies have been making trimless channel letters using the Accu-Bend machines for over 25 years.

No daily maintenance is required on our machines. Once in a while, you will need to clean the encoder wheel which takes less than a minute. Our customers call our Accu-Bend machines the "workhorse" because they just keep running.

Install and setup entail the following steps:

  1. Attaching the off-load table, coil table, and computer stand
  2. Plugging in the computer and machine to standard 110v AC outlets
  3. Connecting the compressed air (130 psi clean, dry, compressed air)

Most sign companies are up and running in only a couple of hours. Most training is completed the same day by Zoom, computer sharing, video instructions or via phone support.

Included In Your Purchase

Installation and Training

Installation + Training

Video installation and training provided by the same factory trained technicians that built your machine.

Computer System and Software

Computer System + Software

Complete computer system with a laptop computer loaded and tested with the Accu-Bend software.

Feed and Off-Load Table + Air

Feed & Off-Load
Tables + Air

Coil material feed table with precision bearing supports and off-load table for finished returns. Air quick disconnect with gauge and water filter. 120V plug.

3 Year Warranty Support

3-Year Warranty
+ Support

Accu-Bend means quality American construction that we proudly stand behind. Toll-free customer service and support PLUS the industry’s only three-year warranty.

Comparison Guide

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Accu-Bend Channel Letter Benders

FEATURES Accu-Bend Model 26 Accu-Bend Ace+ automated channel letter bending machine Accu-Bend Ace Accu-Bend freedom automated channel letter bending machine
Model 26 ACE+ ACE Freedom
Material Thickness .032 - .063 .032 - .063 .032 - .040 .032 - .040
Material Height 1" - 6" 2" - 6" 2" - 6" 3.5" - 5.3"
Coil Size / Weight 29.5 diameter / 300 lbs 29.5 diameter / 150 lbs 25.5 diameter / 100 lbs 25.5 diameter / 75 lbs
Computer Included YES YES YES YES
Small Arm & Scribe YES NO NO NO
Footprint 53" x 130" 46" x 110" 46" x 110" 26" x 62"
Power Requirement Dedicated 120V Dedicated 120V Dedicated 120V Dedicated 120V
Air Requirement 110 - 130 PSI (7.6 to 9 bar) 110 - 130 PSI (7.6 to 9 bar) 110 - 130 PSI (7.6 to 9 bar) 110 - 130 PSI (7.6 to 9 bar)
Warranty 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year
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“We love the ACE. IT’s really helped us grow our business to the point where our top 9 customers are keeping us freakishly busy!  This machine has paid for itself and for a great vacation already – and it’s only been 6 months! No other machine I have has generated so much revenue and freed up my time more than your ACE!  It’s bomb!”

Matt Holland, Holland Signs & Mfg - South Point, OH

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