Continue Reading ACCU-BEND The ACE The Accu-Bend ACE is a quality-built, industrial-grade machine that can automatically notch, flange and bend complete channel letters just like the original Accu-Bend but at an introductory price. If you have always wanted an Accu-Bend but price was holding you back, the Accu-Bend ACE is for you. Automate with true Accu-Bend quality within your budget. Continue Reading ACCU-BEND The Model 26 As the first machine in the world to automatically notch, flange and bend complete channel letters, the new Accu-Bend Model 26 is the rugged workhorse that changed the sign industry forever, replacing time-consuming hand fabrication with the phenomenal speed and accuracy of precise automation. If you’ve always wanted a new Accu-Bend, but never had the budget or space, now there’s a new Accu-Bend just for you: Accu-Bend Model 26. Continue Reading ACCU-CLINCH The Accu-Clinch Built to quickly and easily fasten aluminum or light steel parts together, the Accu-Clinch is the fastest way to assemble metal components to create a completed channel letter. The Accu-Clinch uses a bottom punch and top die to press-form two pieces of material together without rivets, staples or stitches, cutting the cost of consumables. With the Accu-Clinch, your operators can attach a back to a standard 24-inch channel letter in a matter of minutes. Continue Reading ACCU-CUT The KR Router Powerful and precise, the Accu-Cut KR is surprisingly simple to operate. Utilizing a state-of-the-art virtual controller, the system includes an operator control pendant. You won’t find a more user-friendly router on the market. The tool path can be viewed as the part is being cut and, custom sizes and features are available on each machine. Continue Reading ACCU-CUT The XP Router The XP series is the most heavy-duty, reliable and accurate router series available. Designed to cut wood, plastic, aluminum and more in two or three dimensions, the machines feature the latest in virtual software controls. Using a state-of-the-art virtual controller, the system includes an operator control pendant and an auto tool-depth setter that zeros the cutting head, ensuring accurate depth control every time.. Continue Reading


  • “It took me 32 years to learn to bend letters – and it took my wife 2 hours. The ACE was the best purchase we have made. It is so easy to operate, and it paid for itself in one year!”–Rick Downey, Downey Signs, Duncanville, TX

  • “We’ve had our CCI router, bender and clincher for nearly 10 years and they all run fantastic.    While they all run well – my comments are directed to the router you provide.  I’ve been working it really hard and it never quits on me.  The router is indestructible and when we have had an issue you send out the parts and we can have it repaired in a day versus waiting for some of my other vendors to arrive to repair their equipment.  I’d fix the other equipment myself but a lot of our other equipment is not set up well for the owner to repair like your equipment is. When I do need a new router – I will buy another one from you.”–Robert Hernandez, EY Signs, Florida

  • “We have made one set of channel letters so far with the FREEDOM with two more channel letter projects over the next 2 weeks. The first, 30” letters mounted on a raceway about 60′ up, and the second is a pair of trimless custom printed at a new water adventure park!”–Jon Arguelloy, PBM Specialties - Kissimmee, FL

  • “(FREEDOM) Running perfectly. Just had to reboot the computer and machine. Producing smooth letters with ease!”–Derek Kennedy, KFI, Inc. - Longview, TX

  • “Machine (FREEDOM)  works great! However, I just don’t know what to do with all that free time.”–Ken Chau, - London, Ontario

  • “The FREEDOM is working great, I’m happy that you are based here in the USA and things have been working out real well.”–George Zienowicz, Zienowicz Signs - Trenton, NJ

  • “Your technician was here today to upgrade my Accu-Bend. I just have to tell you how impressed I am that you did this. Not many people in business anymore care like you do. I know I bought the right machine. I also know I am dealing with the right company. Thanks so much!”–Ben Phillips, Phillips Signs, Inc. - Seaford, Delaware

  • “I just bought one of these (Accu-Bend FREEDOM) and like it!”–Ken Jones, Ken Jones Signs - Ontario, Canada

  • “The Accu-Bend FREEDOM is working great!!! I just simply put it on top of a table and putting it to work. Man, I think I already made my $ back!!!  I am definitely happy to be the biggest ambassador for the FREEDOM.”–Stanley Huang, New Image Design Group - Hayward, California

  • “I am truly grateful that it (Accu-Bend FREEDOM) exists and am very proud to have this in our repertoire. The last job that I did with it was a 15 channel letter sign, plus one logo.  From importing the Flexi file into Enroute, to cutting backs and faces, to bending, to trim cap… to install… to cashing in the check…  all in the same day.  AMAZING!!!!”–Stanley Huang, New Image Design Group - Hayward, California

  • “This machine (Accu-Cut Router) has been the backbone of our success and has worked day after day since 1996.”–Julian Pearson, Signs of Success - Ontario, California

  • “We decided to bring channel letter production in house to control quality, cost and turnaround time and after internet, Vegas ISA Show, extensive research on channel benders we ordered the Computerized Cutters AcuBend Model 26, and a new 5′ x 10′ Router table with all the bells and whistles. The staff at Computerized Cutters was amazing, everyone treated us like family they gave us a tour of their facility and made sure they covered any questions we had.

    A few days later Steve came out and trained our new employee that had no previous experience in the sign industry in 1 day, During the training he ran 1 front lit channel letter job with a huge capsule, and 2 large reverse lit jobs. Reminder this is our new employee with no experience. Steve was very detailed on everything. I had a few questions on building a file in Enroute and I called Steve and he walked me through it with ease. I would highly recommend Computerized Cutters to anyone looking to purchase a machine.”–Jamie Kahler, Signature Signs & Graphics, Rockwall, TX

  • “You don’t have three people doing it by hand anymore, you just have one. The other two people can be putting the backs on to the returns, wiring the letters getting them ready, thus you can put out more product.–Dan Cobb, Image National Inc. - Terrell, Texas

  • “To me the question is not SHOULD you have an Accu-Bend channel letter bending machine – because the financial justification is obvious. The question is, which bender you should have. There is no contest, the answer is the Accu-Bend.  I purchased my Accu-Bend 20 years ago and I am still running 25-30 letters per day on average.”–Ken Barrett, Unique Signs - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I have recommended the Accu-Cut to many people who are thinking about buying the product. It’s where we’ll all be eventually.”–Bill Watson, Signs Manufacturing Corp. - Dallas, Texas

  • “In the past, we used to make 20 letters a day by hand. Since investing in the Accu-Bend machine, we produce 80 to 100 letters a day.”–Bas van Gellecum, Bas Neon - The Netherlands

  • “We are the first company in Greece that bought the Accu-Bend. We are very happy because the machine is working excellent and is producing high quality aluminum channel letters.”–Nikos Gemalas, Color Sign Athens - Greece

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When it comes to automated channel letter fabrication machines and CNC router tables, no one in the world comes close to the productivity, quality, or reliability offered by Computerized Cutters, Inc. We manufacture the original machine that automatically notches, flanges, and bends channel letters. CCI is also on the cutting edge providing the industry with the latest virtual software controllers available on all of its router tables. If you are ready to fully automate your company and take it to the next level, you are in the right place!