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Computerized Cutters, Inc. began manufacturing the Accu-Clinch metal fastening machines that quickly and easily fasten aluminum or ACM letter backs to your channel letter returns.   Using the Accu-Clinch machines is the fastest way to assemble your channel letters. The Accu-Clinch machine increases your profits by significantly reducing your time to attach backs to channel letters contours. More recently, the introduction of the Accu-Clinch SPR allows your operators to fasten channel letter returns using self-piercing rivets (SPR) to aluminum, aluminum composite material (ACM), as well as Lexan letter backs. All Accu-Clinch machines are fully pneumatic, with adjustable table heights that are easy to use to save you time and money!

Accu-Clinch Model 620

Accu-Clinch Model 620

Cut the high cost of labor & consumables

Fastest way to assemble metal components to create a completed channel letter

Accu-Clinch SPR

Accu-Clinch SPR

Grow Volume & Profitability

Fastens channel letter returns to aluminum and aluminum composite material letter backs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • For the Model 620, up to 6” deep returns can be clinched. The throat depth is 20 inches which can accommodate letters up to 48 inches tall.
  • For the larger Model 830, up to 8” deep returns can be clinched. The throat depth is 30 inches which can accommodate letters up to 72 inches tall.
  • With the Accu-Clinch SPR, your operators can rivet rather than clinch an ACM, aluminum, or Lexan back to a channel letter.
  • The footprint of the SPR and Model 620 is 36” wide x 67” high x 40.25” deep
  • The footprint of the Model 830 is 48” wide, 71” high and 55” deep

All Accu-Clinch machines are fully pneumatic, requiring compressed air at least 100 psi.

Yes, the Accu-Clinch SPR is specifically designed to attach ACM, Lexan or aluminum backs to the returns using self-piercing rivets in 4mm and 5mm lengths.

Yes, you can purchase an upgrade kit that allows your Accu-Clinch Model 620 or Model 830 to also be able to rivet material.

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