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Quickly & easily fasten

backs to channel letters

Attach returns to letter backs in

2-3 minutes

Rate of nearly

1 clinch-per-second

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Built to quickly and easily fasten aluminum or light steel parts together, the Accu-Clinch 620 is the fastest way to assemble metal components to create a completed channel letter.

With the Accu-Clinch 620, your operators can attach a back to a standard 24-inch channel letter in a matter of minutes without pre-drilling and installing rivets.  reduces the time required to attach the return to the letter backs from about 12-15 minutes down to about 2-3 minutes

The Accu-Clinch uses a bottom punch and top die to press-form two pieces of material together without rivets, staples or stitches, eliminating the cost of consumables. The Accu-Clinch 620 operates at nearly a clinch-per-second rate.


SMALL FOOTPRINT. Only 36″ w x 67″ h x 40.25″ d
LARGE WORK AREA. 36″ x 28″; Throat depth: 20.75″
CYCLE TIME. One second per clinch.
PNEUMATIC PUNCH ARM. For easy loading and unloading of letters

MADE IN THE U.S.A. Computerized Cutters has the industry’s leading 3-year warranty because we believe and take pride in our quality and workmanship. Our technicians take pride in providing each and every one of our customers with the best service available.

Looking for a larger model?

Ask our salesman about the Accu-Clinch Model 830.

FEATURES Accu-Clinch Model 620 Accu-Clinch Model 830
RETURN DEPTH up to 6 inch deep return up to 8 inch deep return
THROAT DEPTH 20 inches wide 30 inches wide

When you have really large letters, the Model 830 is a better choice!

Do you have an Accu-Clinch Model 620 in your shop?
Purchase a kit to upgrade your Model 620 to a Model SPR!

If you currently have an Accu-Clinch Model 620 clinching machine, you can upgrade to an Accu-Clinch SPR riveting machine via an upgrade kit. With included video instructions, the kit allows you to change your Model 620 clinching machine to a riveting machine. The kit includes the preassembled rivet tooling, dies & punch, an air cylinder with valve controls for driving power, and a rivet feed holder for 4mm and 5mm rivets.

Call for pricing on an upgrade kit!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • For the Model 620, up to 6” deep returns can be clinched. The throat depth is 20 inches which can accommodate letters up to 48 inches tall.
  • For the larger Model 830, up to 8” deep returns can be clinched. The throat depth is 30 inches which can accommodate letters up to 72 inches tall.
  • With the Accu-Clinch SPR, your operators can rivet rather than clinch an ACM, aluminum, or Lexan back to a channel letter.
  • The footprint of the SPR and Model 620 is 36” wide x 67” high x 40.25” deep
  • The footprint of the Model 830 is 48” wide, 71” high and 55” deep

All Accu-Clinch machines are fully pneumatic, requiring compressed air at least 100 psi.

Yes, the Accu-Clinch SPR is specifically designed to attach ACM, Lexan or aluminum backs to the returns using self-piercing rivets in 4mm and 5mm lengths.

Yes, you can purchase an upgrade kit that allows your Accu-Clinch Model 620 or Model 830 to also be able to rivet material.

Included In Your Purchase

Installation and Training

Installation + Training

Video installation and training provided by the same factory trained technicians that built your machine.

3 Year Warranty Support

3-Year Warranty
+ Support

Toll-free customer service and support PLUS the industry’s only three-year warranty.

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We asked the customer why there was only a single call to our tech support in the 4 years since he'd purchase our Accu-Bend Model 26 and Accu-Clinch Clincher. Here's what he said:

"Well Don, two things.

One, we are really that self sufficient that we can usually figure things out our selves.

Two, your machine has not had any major issues and really are THAT GOOD. All we need to do is keep it lubed and clean."

–Jeff, California

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