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"I have recommended the Accu-Cut to many people who are thinking about buying the product. It's where we'll all be eventually."

Bill Watson
Signs Manufacturing Corp.
Dallas, Texas

Accu-Cut XP

The Accu-Cut series of routers is the most heavy-duty, affordably priced, reliable and accurate router series available. If you’re looking to speed up production, reduce waste, and improve quality and accuracy, the Accu-Cut is your answer.Designed to cut wood, plastic, aluminum and more in two or three dimensions, the machines feature the latest in virtual software controls, with an optional touch screen available. Using a state-of-the-art virtual controller, the system includes an operator control pendant and an auto tool-depth setter that zeros the cutting head, ensuring accurate depth control every time.

Get precise, accurate results every time, thanks to Accu-Cut’s precision-ground square rail system and t-slot and optional vacuum hold-down systems that eliminate slipping of materials. The tool path can be viewed as the part is being cut, and an optional tool changer automatically changes tools as needed, ensuring ease of operation and flexibility.

Custom sizes and features are available on each machine, so tell us what you need and we’ll build an Accu-Cut that’s the perfect fit for your business. All machines arrive completely assembled and ready to use. The Accu-Cut is so easy to use, your operators will need just a few minutes getting to know the machine, and they’ll be ready for full production.

Increase accuracy and output, while reducing labor and wasted material, with Accu-Cut.

Accu-Cut XP

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  • Heavy-duty steel frame and table base
  • Precision ground and machined railways
  • High-frequency 5 HP Perske spindle
  • Automatic tool height calibration
  • Dust and chip-collection head
  • Stepper motors
  • 25 mm linear bearing rails
  • Precision dual X axis motor drive
  • Pentium® PC with Windows® XP operating system and 17” monitor
  • Joystick pendant
  • User-friendly PC-based interface
  • 6-inch Z axis clearance
  • 8 ½-inch Z axis travel
  • Repeatability to + or – .001
  • Cutting speed to 600 inches per minute
  • Move speed to 1200 inches per minute
  • X and Y axis rack and pinion drive system
  • Z axis lead screw drive
  • Toll-free 800 number support
  • Vision registration system

* Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Available options

  • CAD/CAM software
  • Dual head misting system
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Vacuum table
  • CNC rotary axis lathe
  • Engraving head
  • Vinyl head
  • Pneumatic drill
  • Dual head
  • Dual gangtry
  • Dust collection
  • Computer cabinet


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