Accu-Bend Vs Competitors

Accu-Bend vs Competitors



Made in the USA

Most are made in Asia. They will lead you to believe they are made in the USA because they have showrooms, salespersons, or do the final assembly here in the US, but they are not made here.

What to ask…
Where are the parts for the machine fabricated? Where is the machine assembled?

Steel Welded Frames that will never come loose

Most have structural frames that are bolted together aluminum extrusions that will vibrate loose over time causing accuracy issues and other problems needing service. It is not a question of IF it will happen, but WHEN it will happen.

What to ask…
How are the frames put together? Are they bolted or welded? What maintenance is needed for the frames?

New Multi-stage air cylinder technology

Outdated hydraulics pumps and cylinders that require 220v power. Require annual oil and filter changes, and high replacement costs.

What to ask…
What type of technology is used for the pumps and cylinders? What kind of power is required? Are there any regular services needed to keep the machine running as expected?

Unlimited FREE 800 phone support for the life of the machine

After the warranty period, they will charge you $75+ per hour to talk to a service technician.

What to ask…
What type of warranty do you offer? How long does it last? What does it cover? What does it not cover? Are there any additional fees we should expect?

No scheduled calibration required

Most require annual calibration at a high cost per trip. Ask them when and how expensive the future trips will be.

What to ask…
Is calibration required? If so, what is the cost for this? How frequently does it need to be done?

Designed and sold the first channel letter bending machine in 1997

They include other non-channel letter bending machines that were used in other industries to mislead you into thinking they have been selling channel letter bending machine in the sign industry for longer than they have.

What to ask…
How long have you been making channel letter bending machines?


What our competitors have not told you is they ran their time test with one of their new machines against one of our 15-year- old machines.

What to ask…
How many letters per hour does this machine produce?

No need for on-site set up and training. Fully built and tested before it arrives, with the easiest software on the market, so you can be up and making money the day it arrives.

Most require installation and training by factory personnel which can last at least a couple of days with software that is hard to use and not user friendly. How easy can it be if it takes a few days’ worth of training?

What to ask…
Is on-site setup required? Is training required? How fast can we be up and running with the new machine?

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