Your best $5 per hour employee!

Your best $5 per hour employee!

The title caught you didn’t it?  Everyone wants a great employee for $5 an hour but there are laws against that in this country.  Read on. This is interesting.

Do you have an employee that can create up to 100 channel letter returns a day? Would you like one? How about if you only had to pay them $5 per hour for 5 years and then they work for free?  This employee doesn’t take vacations, doesn’t have weekends off, doesn’t call in sick, come in late, or leave early.

This employee is the Accu-Bend ACE channel letter bender.  At our list rate of $39,500, if financed over 5 years, the cost of the ACE works out to under $5 per hour at an 8-hour day and an average of 22 work days a month.

Let’s do the math. 

At a maximum interest rate of 12%, a $39,500 lease for the ACE runs $878 per month.  Divide the lease rate by 22, the average number of work days in a month, then divide that by 8 hours per day to get the $4.99 hourly rate to lease the ACE!

Compare the $4.99 per hour against your lowest paid employee at $15 per hour or, your current channel letter bending employee at a fully loaded cost of $45 per hour and you have significant savings! You not only are saving money, but your skilled employee could be doing something more demanding in the shop to help turn more of a profit or increase sales.

Of course, this is only possible if you are creating enough channel letters per week to keep the machine busy. So, let’s see how it compares to keeping your best, fastest channel letter bending employee (sometimes it’s YOU, the owner) at $45 per hour for wages, social security, federal and state taxes bending one letter on average every 45 minutes.

Breakeven on the ACE is 26 letters per MONTH… not daily, weekly, and NOT channel letter SETS! Just channel LETTERS. Breakeven is 26 letters per MONTH!

Computerized Cutters builds our machines to last. A good number are still producing 30-100 letters per day – and that’s after 20 years in service! And, with lifetime support for the original owner, most diagnostics completed remotely, and all parts serviceable by the owner, the machines experience little to no downtime.

Hire us! We work!




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