Investment versus Expense

Investment versus Expense

Any financial advisor will tell you the difference between an expense and an investment is:  you make money from an investment over a long period of time and an expense is recognized in the current period and reduces your profit for that period.

An Accu-Bend channel letter bender, Accu-Cut router or Accu-Clinch is an investment that will provide economic benefit to a sign company for years to come.  Several Computerized Cutters channel letter benders and routers are still producing revenue for their original owners after 20 years of continuous service.

Now that is a long-term payback on an investment!

Identifying payback is easy and straightforward – identify your areas of cost in your current situation.

An Accu-Bend channel letter bender will reduce the cost of bending the return. If you currently purchase letters from a wholesaler, the middle-man markup now goes directly to YOU, the retail sign company.

Measuring Payback:

  • Reduction in man-hours required to create a return.
    • Bending by hand takes 45 minutes or more per letter. The Accu-Bend takes an average of 4-5 minutes resulting in 40-minute savings per letter.
  • Process improvement.
    • Newly available man-hours for completing a letter – cutting the front, back, wiring and assembling the letter. One person can produce a complete letter in 20 minutes versus an hour or more for a savings of at least 40 minutes per letter!
  • Consistent results.
    • The Accu-Bend will bend the return EXACTLY as specified every single time. Need to replicate the letter or set?  The Accu-Bend can consistently replicate your job in a month, a year or in 10 years.
  • Intangibles – additional benefits that positively impact your business
    • Better control of production/deliverables
    • More time to sell new business
    • Employ lower cost machinist versus skilled craftsman
    • Easier to train and bring new employees up to speed
    • No sick days, no interruptions, no overtime. Generally a more productive (and available) employee.

What will an investment in a Computerized Cutters machine do for you? It will deliver:

  • Consistent production of high-quality channel letters. Consistent high quality means fewer redo’s and happier customers and lower cost to produce
  • Produce more letters, more quickly and on your time frame. Better production control and lower cost.
  • Reduced time to manufacture letters leads to increased time building your business resulting in higher revenue.
  • Reduction in labor costs – machinist versus craftsman, fewer workers producing letters, fewer hours to produce them.
  • Increase in productivity and lower waste.

All those time, labor and material savings add up to more revenue and higher profits!  A real, measurable return on investment.

What’s holding you back from more revenue and higher profits from your channel letter business?

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