From Computerized Cutters, Inc., the company that pioneered automated channel letter bending machines 20 years ago, comes the only machine designed and fabricated in the U.S.A. that is priced so even the smallest sign company can be more profitable selling channel letters. This sleek version of the world-famous Accu-Bend is truly a game changer.

The Accu-Bend ACE IS a quality-built, industrial-grade machine that can automatically notch, flange and bend complete channel letters just like the original Accu-Bend. If you have always wanted an Accu-Bend but price was holding you back, the Accu-Bend ACE is for you. Automate with true Accu-Bend quality within your budget.

The Accu-Bend ACE can produce over 100 channel letters a day for a fraction of what it costs you today. The Accu-Bend ACE can reduce fabrication time by as much as 75 percent, providing an immediate return on your investment. Whether you fabricate letters in-house or purchase from a wholesaler, the Accu-Bend ACE will improve your profitability overnight.

Start fabricating more letters in less time, and with less labor with the Accu-Bend ACE!

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Computer System + Software

Dell laptop computer + Accu-Bend software

Feed & Off-Load Tables + Air

Coil material feed table with precision bearing supports and off-load table for finished material. Air quick disconnect with gauge and water filter.

Installation + Training

Video installation and training by the technicians that built your machine


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