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Channel letters are everywhere, and they allow sign companies to make huge profits selling them. So, how can you be more competitive selling channel letter jobs than the next guy?


The first channel letter bending machine, the ACCU-BEND, was introduced by Computerized Cutters in 1996. The sign industry was never the same. The ACCU-BEND was able to notch, flange, and most importantly, bend channel letters. Letters that took 45 minutes to make by hand were now being completed automatically in about four minutes. Computerized Cutters Inc. grew to become the world leader in automated channel letter equipment. ACCU-BEND became a household name for channel letter bending machines.

With the introduction of the next generation of ACCU-BEND machines, the ACE, and Model26, every sign shop could now automate channel letter production for much less than the cost of a single employee per year. Companies attempting to imitate the ACCU-BEND machines have all fallen short. Once you compare other machines to the ACCU-BEND, you’ll realize why they are the best machines in the sign industry.

• Computerized Cutters has been building channel letter bending machines for more years than any of its competitors.
• Every Computerized Cutters machine is built on a welded steel frame, utilizing the finest materials available. Other machines are built using bolt-together aluminum frames which ultimately vibrate loose and break down within a short period of time.
• Every Computerized Cutters machine is built in the US by well-trained craftsmen.
• Computerized Cutters fabricates all their parts in their own CNC machine shop facility allowing for part accuracies of better than 1/1000th of an inch. Perhaps that’s why there are ACCU-BEND machines still running over 100 letters per day after being in operation for over 20 years.

So, why would you still want to layout channel letters, notch the material using snips, bend the ½ flange by hand, and then bend material over hand brakes and radius pipes when machines are available to do the same thing at a fraction of the time and cost?

• You may say that you can’t afford the machine. Yet, you pay for an employee, which costs much more to bend fewer letters in a day.
• You may say you don’t have the room. In the space of an office desk, you can automate using an ACCU-BEND machine.
• You may say it is too high-tech. But, your employee can learn to run an ACCU-BEND machine in as little as 15 minutes.
• You may say you don’t do enough letters. With an ACCU-BEND machine you will be able to bid more jobs, at better prices, and win more contracts.

What are you waiting for?
If you are interested in an automated channel letter bending machine, contact Computerized Cutters Inc. at 800-310-2887 or

Products: Accu-Bend Channel Letter Bending Machines, Accu-Cut Routers, and the Accu-Clinch Clincher

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