10 Reasons to Buy a Channel Letter Bending Machine

10 Reasons to Buy a Channel Letter Bending Machine

Productivity – Generally a channel letter bending machine will bend in a day what your best hand bender will bend in a week. In smaller shops, the owner may be the only talent. Eliminating the time needed to bend channel letters leaves the owner or skilled tradesman open for more challenging, revenue-producing assignments.

Increased sales – Your sales team will only sell what you make in a day. You can now give them a reason to sell 3 times more product in a given week.

Consistency – Channel letter machines will bend the same letter the same way, every single time. Whether you are making one letter or a thousand, every letter is identical. You can’t do that by hand!

No specialized workers needed – Anyone in your shop can make channel letters. No need to pay high dollars for a specially trained metal bender.

 Available workforce – Channel letter benders are available when you need them to produce. They don’t call in sick, don’t have significant other issues, nor do they take breaks.

Profitability – Reducing the time to bend channel letters reduces your production cost per letter. You will also reduce waste, which increases your bottom line.

Huge tax write-off – Section 179 tax write-off allows you to depreciate the whole machine in the year you purchase it. In essence, Uncle Sam is paying for 1/3 of your machine purchase with the tax savings!

Quick lead times – Your customers oftentimes make demands for immediate, if not quicker, delivery once they have decided to purchase. Channel benders cut the delivery time for most signs by 50% or more.

Secondary source of income – Other sign shops in your area become a rich source of additional business if you choose to be a local wholesaler of channel letters to them.

Reduced field service expenses – You can bend a letter to replace a damaged or weathered sign without first making costly measurements and fits. You know it will fit perfectly, just like when it was bent the first time on the machine.

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