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Customers speak out

"You don't have three people doing it by hand anymore, you just have one. The other three people can be putting the backs on to the returns, wiring the letters getting them ready, thus you can put out more product.

Dan Cobb
Image National Inc.
Terrell, Texas


You’ve found it: The must-have, state-of-the-art machine that is changing the way signs are made, industry wide. The Accu-Form is the first machine in the world that automatically creates its own mold, then molds durable,  channel letter faces, push-through letters, molded letters and thermal-formed parts. Add style and definition to your signs with dramatically less labor and better-quality results than traditional trim-capping methods, and get accurate, repeatable results, every time. No other machine lets you do so much more with so much less, capable of producing more than 150 letters a day in just 100 square feet of floor space.With Accu-Form, you can create the most complex 3-D faces, allowing for special lighting effects that help businesses stand out from the competition. Using the same artwork you presently create your router files from, with one push of a button the Accu-Form produces the most complicated letters in as little as two minutes each. Touch-screen controls make it easy to manage different jobs, including channel letter faces, push-through letters, molded letters and more.

Let Accu-Form reinvent the way you’ve been doing business, and watch its impact on productivity, client satisfaction and your profit margin.



  • High-end vacuum pump creates very high vacuum levels and air flow rates
  • Quickly change from 1/8” thick material to 3/16” thick material
  • Touch-screen monitor
  • Full one-year, all-inclusive warranty and toll-free telephone support
  • Vision registration system


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