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"You don't have three people doing it by hand anymore, you just have one. The other three people can be putting the backs on to the returns, wiring the letters getting them ready, thus you can put out more product.

Dan Cobb
Image National Inc.
Terrell, Texas


Built to quickly and easily fasten aluminum or light steel parts together, the Accu-Clinch is the fastest way to assemble metal components to create a completed channel letter. With the Accu-Clinch, your operators can attach a back to a standard 24-inch channel letter in a matter of minutes.

The Accu-Clinch uses a bottom punch and top die to press-form two pieces of material together without rivets, staples or stitches, cutting the cost of consumables.

Cut the high cost of labor and consumables, and get the job done right with an Accu-Clinch.


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  • For channel letters, attaches the aluminum back to the aluminum side wall return
  • Air-over-hydraulic power for unsurpassed power, speed and reliability
  • Fast 40 clinch-per-minute rate
  • Vision registration system


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