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Customers speak out

"You don't have three people doing it by hand anymore, you just have one. The other three people can be putting the backs on to the returns, wiring the letters getting them ready, thus you can put out more product.

Dan Cobb
Image National Inc.
Terrell, Texas



New Products in 2016


Computerized Cutters, Inc. (Plano, TX) is introducing its Accu-Bend ACE channel letter bending machine that features move speed up to 4 in./sec., which is designed to produce more than 100 channel letters per day. It accepts material coil widths from 2-6 in., can bend 0.25 in. radii and produce letter that range from 6 in. to 15 ft. high. The US-built machine footprint is 2  x 7 ft.; it’s intended for entry-level channel letter makers or an an auxiliary unit for production shop, and comprised engineering features from the company’s established Accu-Bend series. In addition, the machine operates on 110V power and requires only compressed air.

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